Sebastian Soler

I've built custom software and AI solutions for multiple VCs, including Lux Capital, Village Global and ff Venture Capital. Everything from:

  • Portfolio / fund management tools
  • Deal sourcing engines
  • Community tools
  • Data-driven recruiting tools
  • Network indexing & exploration tools
  • & more...

Recently I've become obsessed with how recent advances in Natural Language Processing, coupled with Graph Databases & Network Theory can revolutionize the entire venture process.  

Feel free to reach out directly via, twitter or Request a Demo.

Bartosz Trocha

I am the author of the world's most comprehensive overview on Data-Driven Venture Capital landscape

I helped startups raise millions in funding: Sonarhome, Wedding, Airly

I advised Y Combinator-backed mental health startup on strategy & growth

I helped raise a EUR 45M venture capital fund

I earned my operator stripes leading through turnaround which resulted in 5x customer growth, 10 to 47 ppl headcount increase // Linkedin // Twitter